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(is part of Casa Di Ruscello)

At Buitenpizzaovenkopen.nl, a proud part of Casa Di Ruscello, we not only Share our passion for authentic, wood-fired pizzas, but also offer an extensive selection of high-quality pizza ovens and accessories to. Our goal is to provide every pizza lover, from beginners to seasoned chefs, with the tools and support to bake the perfect pizza at home.

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The best Pizza in the area

A Pizza tastes even better if you make it yourself. Buitenpizzaovenkopen.nl is de webshop van Casa di Ruscello. We sell and rent various pizza ovens, for small and large families but also for larger events.

We have a wide range of wood-fired  pizza ovens and accessories.

If you are looking for a wood-fired pizza oven, feel free to visit us Reek.
Perhaps you already have a preference yourself or you are still looking for a suitable pizza oven for your home or for your company. We give you honest advice.

We are a dealer of, among others, the MAXIMUS brand, BEEK and FIESTA.
We also have beautiful frames and Pizza accessories.
Competitively priced through direct purchase. 

When purchasing and picking up a new pizza oven you will receive a free Starter Pack; oven cleaning brush, a bag of rice flour and a box of handmade Pizza balls.

For questions and / or advice please call us: 06-33711195 (Dennis)

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Delicious pizzas baked on our family day,
the explanation with mini workshop was great!
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is part of Casa Di Ruscello

We deliver you the most delicious dough balls from 180 to 200 grams. It allows you to make a 30-32 CM pizza in 2 minutes!

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