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Are you ready to bring the cozy atmosphere of Italy to your own outdoor space? With us you can buy an outdoor pizza oven that perfectly suits your style and cooking needs. Each oven is designed to make it easy to get started right away with everything you need to bake delicious, authentic pizzas. Explore our range, feel the warmth of traditional Italian cooking and be inspired. Discover our different models and find the pizza oven that will transform your outdoor life.
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The perfect atmosphere maker for your party. What could be more fun than making your own pizza?


With a mini course, pizza baking becomes a piece of cake for everyone!


At an oven temperature of 350 degrees, the pizzas are ready within 2 minutes!


Our wood-fired ovens give the pizzas the real Italian authentic taste!

Your pizza is ready in 90 Seconds - buy it outside pizza oven-


Experience authentic Italian pizzas in your own garden!

Bring the authentic taste of Italy to your backyard with our robust outdoor pizza ovens. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pizza baker, our ovens are designed for ease of use. Discover how easy it is to bake crispy, flavorful pizzas and share unforgettable meals with friends and family.

Buying the perfect outdoor pizza oven

Every pizza lover knows that nothing beats the taste of a pizza from a wood-fired oven. It is not only the taste that counts, but also the experience of preparing it. When you choose an outdoor pizza oven from, you buy more than just a pizza oven. You are investing in an experience that will transform your summer evenings into culinary parties. Our ovens are the result of generations of Italian craftsmanship combined with modern innovations that ensure ease of Use and consistency in every baked pizza.

We understand that every outdoor space is unique, which is why we offer a range that gives you the flexibility to choose what best suits your lifestyle. From compact models for balconies / smaller gardens to larger ovens for expansive gardens, we have the perfect solution for you. Just imagine: the smell of freshly baked pizza that mixes with the fresh air outside, while you enjoy the cosiness around the warm glow of the oven.

A focal point for friends & family

Adding an outdoor pizza oven to your home not only creates a new way of cooking, but also a focal point for social interaction. An outdoor pizza oven invites you to be together. It will be a place where children can learn about cooking and where friends can enjoy preparing meals together. These ovens are designed for simplicity and fun, which means anyone can participate. Whether you opt for the classic Margherita or experiment with your own creations, our pizza ovens are the start of unforgettable culinary adventures.

Not only is the taste delicious with a wood-fired pizza oven, but the experience of outdoor cooking also takes on a whole new dimension. Baking pizza becomes an activity that is both relaxing and entertaining. With proper care and maintenance, you will ensure that your oven remains the star of any gathering for years to come. At you will not only get the best quality oven, but also the support and advice you need to get the most out of your investment.


Party? Make your own pizzas with the outdoor pizza ovens from!

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